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    Safety and security

    • National security and defence industry

      The Tampere region has almost a century of history with the defence industry. For strategic and operational reasons, the largest companies in the field are located in the Tampere city region, along with significant Finnish Defence Forces and other public sector actors as well as research and education organisations in the field.

    • Diverse security training opportunities

      A growing business life needs skilled workers. In the Tampere region, security-related education and training is offered by Tampere University, Police University College, Tampere Vocational College Tredu and Tampere Adult Education Centre TAKK.

    • Smart Secure Societies

      The innovation environment of the sustainably growing city enables the production of replicable safety and security solutions both nationally and internationally.

    • Safe Intelligent Industry

      Modern machines and processes that meet the needs of sustainable development increasingly utilize automation, digitization and artificial intelligence solutions. In networked, intelligent machines, the importance of safety is emphasized. The companies in the Tampere urban area cover all these skills needs.

    • Cyber Security

      As digitalisation and networking increase, the requirements of security also grow more marked. Modern work machines and processes that meet the needs of sustainable development utilise automation, digitalisation and artificial intelligence solutions to an increasing extent. The region’s strong ICT expertise and numerous leading companies in digitalisation provide excellent conditions for their development.

    • Multidisciplinary safety and security research

      The Tampere city region has internationally high-quality and multidisciplinary safety and security research. The 20 or so ongoing projects reflect the active and diverse research activities. In addition to academic and commercial research, the cluster serves as a door to a great deal of knowledge and expertise. Information enables innovations and innovations enable growing economic activity and a vibrant city region. Together, we can address the security challenges of a digitalising society and industry.

    • Access to the safety and security innovation network

      The Tampere Region Economic Development Agency, Business Tampere, coordinates the activities of the Tampere Region Safety and Security Cluster. Within the framework of the cluster, various events are held where members receive up-to-date information and opportunities for networking.

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