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    Tampere to participate in developing international network of AI testbeds

    Kuva: Skyfox, Marko Kallio

    The EU has launched a significant investment to accelerate the development of responsible artificial intelligence (AI) in Europe. The goal of the investment is to create a Europe-wide network of testing and experimentation facilities to support the development of AI.

    Companies will be able to use testbeds to develop their artificial intelligence products in the right environment. At the same time, cities and other users of solutions will also be given the opportunity to try out innovative AI-based solutions at an early stage before they are commercialised.

     It’s fantastic that such investments are being made to promote the utilisation of artificial intelligence,” says Director, Digital Transformation Kristian Valkama of Business Tampere. The development of AI is complex and often requires large volumes of data and significant resources. The testing and experimentation facilities (TEFs) will offer companies an agile and cost-effective way to test their innovations,” continues Valkama.

    The goal of the investment is to productise the development of testbeds and standardise processes and practices. The project aims to lower the threshold for the use of test beds in Europe and accelerate the roll-out of innovations to the market as well as boosting the competitiveness of the EU.

    Tampere is the only city in Finland to be included in the network. Being involved in the project will give Tampere region companies and research institutes an excellent opportunity in the future to promote AI use and experiments in an international environment, and to develop even better services for residents of the towns and cities of Europe, says Director, Smart City Development Markku Niemi of Business Tampere.

    The five-year project brings together the EU’s strongest players in the field, and a total of 11 EU countries are involved. The EUR 220 million project is led by a Danish consortium, and Finland’s contribution to the work is coordinated by Business Tampere.


    For further information, please contact:

    Business Tampere:

    Kristian Valkama, Director, Digital Transformation
    Tel. +358 40 538 0365

    Markku Niemi, Director, Smart City Development
    Tel. +358 50 511 7341

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