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    Tampere – the Industrial Capital of Finland

    Tampere has a strong industrial heritage, which has brought investments and prosperity to the region for long. Today, we are the largest hub of smart and sustainable manufacturing in the country.


    The Tampere region is home to open-minded businesses with the hunger to grow.  Instead of following others, we stay one step ahead. We are about innovation and keeping the focus on the future. We are world-leaders in many sectors. Internationally Tampere is renowned for intelligent machines and extensive ICT expertise in particular.

    Tampere has major global companies, agile subcontractors, and the most active start-up community in Finland, which has nurtured many small businesses into successful growth companies. And with more than 50,000 students in the city, Tampere has a great supply of new professionals. We realised a long time ago that close cooperation between companies of all sizes, high-quality educational institutions and research and development organisations will help us grow. The strong industry base also benefits from the success of the other sectors the region is known for, including expertise in the fields of intelligent machines, imaging, circular economy and creative business.

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    Let’s make some noise!

    Situated in the center of Finland, Tampere is in the middle of everything and everyone. Tampere residents have known it all along, and here are some numbers to prove it.

    In the area within less than a 2-hour-drive from the Tampere city region, we have

    • 80% of industry operating in Finland*
    • 80% of patent applications filed
    • 80% of research and development investments
    • 70% of the working-age population
    • almost 70% of people with higher education.

    Facts about the Tampere region

    • 1,300 ICT companies
    • 4,700 experts working on AI and analytics
    • More than 50,000 students in universities and vocational colleges
    • Every 6th person in Tampere is a student
    • The biggest age group of Tampere residents are those aged 20–34 years

    *) Based on turnover, amounts to EUR 98 billion.

    Sources: Statistics Finland and The Finnish Patent and Registration Office, 2019

    Tampere attracts experts and educates young people

    To be successful, the industry needs to be able to combine and apply various new technologies. For example, artificial intelligence, automation, robotics, IoT and material and manufacturing technologies such as 3D and nanotechnology create new opportunities in fields like machine vision applications and predictive maintenance. With the industry relying increasingly on technology and services, the value of a skilled workforce with the ability to learn new things is emphasised.

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    Comprising of eight municipalities, the Tampere city region is the second-largest economic region and growth centre of Finland. It is home to more than half a million fortunate residents, with the population growing every year. According to surveys, Tampere is the city to which Finns would most prefer to move to.

    Attracting new professionals, the region has no shortage of highly skilled workforce. Talented young professionals also enter the labour market from our prestigious educational institutions. More than 50,000 students are studying in the universities and vocational colleges in Tampere. Year after year, surveys conducted among young people reveal that Tampere is the most popular city for students in Finland.

    Cooperation strengthens the renewing industry in the Tampere region 

    Tampere is already known as a leading industrial city around Europe and the world.

    There is an impetus to carry on the strong industrial heritage in the region and promote its renewal. To that end, building and maintaining the most attractive industrial growth platform is also stated as a strategic objective in the Economic Strategy of the Tampere City Region 2020–2025. The cooperation with businesses, universities and research institutes to strengthen the industrial renewal in the region will continue.

    We at Business Tampere bring the various parties together through regional business and innovation ecosystems, cultivating the expertise of everyone and as a place for growth.

    Welcome to the industrial capital of Finland – Tampere!

    • Tampere is a place for growth.
      Here, companies will find everything they need to succeed in domestic and global markets, including an exceptional hub of mechanical engineering and ICT professionals as well as industry 4.0 expertise, subcontractors and partners.
    • Tampere provides cutting-edge research and offers high-quality education.
      Cooperation between businesses and researchers and educational institutions is close. Road, rail and air connections to elsewhere in Finland and abroad are also excellent. Major Finnish ports can be reached smoothly by railroad.
    • Tampere is the industrial capital of Finland.
      More and more companies are bringing their product development units to Tampere. Join us in creating new success stories! We are certain that the region will be Finland’s most attractive industrial growth platform in future as well. We will help you to see around the corner and shape the future of industry.
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