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    Advice on how to find the right source of funding for your needs.

    Find the right source for financing and financial advice for your company

    For those who don't know where to start with business funding, we put together a list of easy-access parties. If you are a little further ahead you'll be sure to find the right financing for your company from the different ways of funding.

    Business Tampere 's help desk services and funding events

    Business Tampere’s help desk of financial services offers help when you have questions on applying or looking for funding and gives you advice on how to find the right source of funding for your needs. You and your company are guided to the direction of useful information and the best funding solutions by our remote counselling on the phone or on digital channels. Read more about help desk and funding clinics.

    General counselling in funding

    • Enterprise Finland’s telephone service helps with all enterprise matters, such as financing issues. Business Finland offers funding for e.g. internationalisation, research projects, development, pilots etc.
    • Team Finland is a network that brings together all services offered by state-funded actors which work for the internationalisation of Finnish enterprises and it offers internationalisation financing services.
    • Finnvera diversifies companies’ financing opportunities with loans, sureties, capital investments and export financing services. Help is available for mapping, planning and applying for financing options.
    • The Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment of Pirkanmaa offers funding needs mapping and counselling for operating companies as well as expert counselling on internationalisation funding options.

    Apply for funding or ask for advice for different needs. Please see below the different funding options.

    The start-up grant is a start-up subsidy and can be granted to a full-time entrepreneur. The start money is therefore not a subsidy for the company. The start money is paid to the applicant and is personal tax-deductible tax revenue.
    The TE bureau decides whether the start-up grant will be granted to the applicant. The decision takes into account, among other things, the competitive situation of the sector and the need for new business in the community.


    In the Pirkanmaa region, development aid is targeted specifically for SMEs seeking start-ups and new emerging sectors in international growth.
    Development grants can be granted to SMEs that have the prerequisites for profitable activity and sufficient resources to improve their competitiveness. The company finances at least half of the development project.


    Innovation voucher

    The Innovation voucher is intended for an SME with turnover for at least one of the financial years to be completed. Prerequisite is that the company has a desire to launch innovation.
    Innovation means measures for an enterprise to develop its products, services or processes, or to acquire the knowledge and skills needed to innovate as a service. In addition, the company must have a new product or service concept with international growth potential.

    Horizon 2020 for SMEs
    It is intended for any innovative SMEs in the sector that are looking for intense international growth and have a high market and growth potential
    The goal is that the company has the will to scale its business so that at least the European market area can be covered – even better if the internationalization plans have a realistic steppe to conquer the world.


    EUROSTARS funding is provided on a project-by-project basis. The project must involve players from at least two of the 34 countries involved in the program, and the project leader must be a growing SME. Other participants in the project may be research organizations and / or large companies.

    Research and development funding

    Business Finland’s research and development funding (former Tekes funding) is intended for a start-up company or a small and medium-sized enterprise that wants to develop a product or service to an export market and already has a business plan and market demand verified.
    The content and goals of the project determine which costs will be accepted for the project. The costs will be accepted no earlier than the date when the application was sent to Business Finland.


    Tempo funding is intended for Finnish startups, SMEs and mid cap companies aiming for international growth that have the desire and ability to build their expertise and solutions into an international success story in innovative ways. The amount of Tempo funding is up to EUR 50,000. Business Finland funding covers 75% of the total project budget. Funding is a grant that does not have to be repaid.
    The company must have enough of its own money to carry out the project. As a general rule, Business Finland requires equity funding of EUR 30,000 for self-financing of a company project.


    Into Financial Services are intended for small and medium-sized companies that aim to export markets. In-financing is also possible for startup companies. The purpose of funding is to increase innovation know-how.
    The amount of Business Finland funding for the Into project depends on your company’s goals and resources. Business Finland funding is 50% of the total project budget. There is no upper limit for the Into project. However, in the purchase of expert services, Tekes funding may not exceed € 200,000. The smallest project size is EUR 30,000 and the smallest Business Finland grant EUR 15,000.

    Young innovative companies – funding

    The Young Innovative Enterprises funding is intended for the most promising small start-ups, under 5 years of age, aiming for rapid international growth in business.
    The maximum number of young innovative enterprises is EUR 1.25 million, of which the grant may not exceed EUR 500 000 and a loan of EUR 750 000. Tekes funding covers 75% of the eligible costs of the project.


    Team Finland Trade Fair for joint international exhibition projects for SMEs

    Small and medium-sized companies with a desire to grow and internationalize can form a group of at least four SMEs that participate in a major trade fair abroad in their industry.
    Team Finland Explorer
    With Team Finland Explorer funding, you can purchase expert services to support the company’s internationalization. A professional service provider may be a company, a research or dissemination organization or an expert (private person). The service provider may also be a foreigner.

    The Market Explorer funding service

    The Market Explorer funding service is designed for SMEs and mid-cap companies that are seeking new international markets for their products, services, or business models. The company may be in its early stages of internationalization or already operate internationally.

    Talent Explorer funding

    The Explorer funding service is intended for small and medium-sized enterprises and Midcap companies. Talent Explorer funding can be used to hire an expert in order to obtain new information and expertise to help your company make progress in a new international market.


    The Finnvera loan is intended for both new and existing SMEs to finance domestic construction, machinery and equipment investments, energy and environmental projects, working capital needs and various ownership arrangements.

    The entrepreneur loan is an entrepreneur’s personal loan that can finance investments in the share capital of a limited liability company and / or in the invested unrestricted equity fund. The Enterprise Loan can also finance the purchase of shares of an already operating company.

    Silvicultural financing means Finnvera’s working capital loan to cover the need for working capital of the company between the ELY Center or Tekes’ favorable grant decision and the payment of the grant.

    The internationalization loan is intended to finance a Finnish SME’s business abroad.

    Bond financing is suited to the general financing needs of companies such as investments, expansion and development or financing needs.

    Finnvera can provide growth lending for the financing of major growth or internationalization projects and corporate arrangements for SMEs and midcap companies.

    The Export Credit Loan is intended to finance the export receivables of a Finnish investment firm.

    Export credit guarantees

    With a credit risk guarantee, an exporter can insure his export transaction for credit losses. The guarantee can be granted for a single export trade or as a limit for continuous deliveries.

    The Export Guarantee Guarantee is intended for short-term export and allows the exporter to insure claims against a foreign buyer for credit losses.

    Loss Guarantee Guarantee protects the bank from credit risks when the exporter sells its invoicing invoices for foreign trade to the bank. Warranty typically applies to continuous deliveries or a single transaction with a short payout period.

    The buyer loan guarantee is a security for the lender from a foreign buyer, a buyer’s bank, or credit risk from a buyer’s country.

    The bill of lending guarantees the bank against credit risks in bill financing. The guarantee allows for bank financing in an export transaction where the bill of credit is a bribe.

    The reimbursement guarantee protects the bank against this from the commercial and / or political risks associated with the export reimbursement.

    The banking guarantee protects the domestic export company’s bank from the risks associated with the bank guarantee provided by this exporter for the payment of the purchase price. The guarantee is granted to a bank which grants to the exporter a bank guarantee to which the bank receives a buyer’s bank’s counter-commitment. Warranty is a product that is cumbersome for foreign bank risk, such as a credit guarantee.

    With investment guarantee, a Finnish investor can insure a foreign investment against political risks. Guarantees for political risks are usually 95%, except for 100% for investment bank guarantees. In specific cases commercial risks can also be insured.

    With the back guarantee, the exporter can assure foreign buyer guarantees, such as bids, advance, delivery and liability. The Exporter may cover the Guarantee without any unjustified (Guarantee 90%) or Policy Incident (Guarantee 95%) Deprivation Risk. The guarantee may act as a counter-guarantee to a bank which issues a guarantee to the foreign buyer on behalf of the exporter. In the event of compensation, Finnvera will recover the compensation paid to the bank in full from the exporter.

    The financial guarantee is a guarantee for the export credit granted by the exporter. It protects the creditor from the risks associated with credit repayment. The exporter’s guarantee helps export security financing arrangements.

    Raw Material Guarantee (Import Guarantee) may be granted as a security for a loan granted to a foreign debtor in connection with a long-term supply contract.

    The purpose of the refinancing guarantee scheme is to facilitate the financing of banks using Finnvera’s buyer credit guarantees and thereby increase the sources of export finance funding.


    The initial guarantee helps the company to receive funding from the bank for various investment and working capital needs. The initial guarantee is intended for start-up companies of the EU SME definition, which have been registered for up to three years in the Trade Register and whose owners are natural persons.

    The initial installment is a security for a Finnish shipbuilding or shipbuilding business. It can be granted to companies regardless of size or ownership.

    The Finnvera guarantee is intended as a guarantee for various domestic financing needs of SMEs, such as investments and / or working capital, and funding for business or corporate acquisitions. It is suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises, and on special grounds for large companies.

    The internationalization guarantee is intended to cover the financing of a Finnish SME’s business abroad. The internationalization guarantee may not exceed 80% of the amount of credit or other financial commitment.

    With the export guarantee, the exporter can get the bank from the time of manufacture for export or post-delivery working capital financing. The export guarantee can also be used as a counterpart to the bank during the delivery periods to a foreign buyer (guarantee period, advance payment, delivery and warranty period).

    Environmental guarantees can be granted as collateral for credits used for environmental protection investments, renewable energy projects or energy efficiency projects. The environmental guarantee is primarily intended for large companies throughout the country.

    Venture capital investments

    Finnvera’s venture capital operations focus on the development, upgrading and disbursement of existing investments. Initial investments in early stage companies are no longer done.
    According to the guidelines made by the Ministry of Employment and the Economy, the responsibility for development of early-stage venture capital investment by Finnvera has been transferred to Tekes Venture Capital Oy. According to Finnvera’s Board of Directors, Finnvera is gradually and in a controlled manner dispossessed of venture capital investment.

    The aid is intended for a company that invests in the long-term, commercially viable and profitable business to developing countries. The aim is to launch a business that will generate positive development effects in developing countries.

    The aid is intended for a company located in the countryside. The area ratings and business support area can be checked at https://www.maaseutu.fi/en/.

    The company must have the conditions for continuous profitable business, the enterprise must provide the main livelihood for at least one person (an entrepreneur or an employed person) and employees must have sufficient professional skills. The Action Group in the Tampere Region is the Kantri ry http://www.kantriry.fi/

    Business angels are individuals who invest their personal assets into high growth potential start-ups. Generally, in return, they will receive a share of the share capital of the target company. Business Angel Investment (€ 5000 – € 600,000) consists of investor expertise, networks and money. More information and guidance on how to apply for angels can be found on the FiBAN-Finnish Business Angels Network website.

    Mass financing is a digitalized fundraiser. The idea of ​​bulk funding (€ 5,000 – € 250,000) is to create a campaign where anyone can contribute to the company’s financing with a small amount. Bulk financing is a particularly good way to prove the marketplace for products by creating a pre-sales campaign. Learn more at www.invesdor.com
    Venture capital is investing in publicly traded companies with good development potential. Generally, venture capitalists invest in managed private equity funds. There are also investors who make equity investments on their balance sheet or the parent company’s assets. Further information and listing of Finnish venture capital investors can be found on the Finnish Venture Capital Association’s website

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