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    System on Chip centre of excellence in Finland

    Tampere SoC Hub

    The SoC Hub is a cluster of companies and specialised academic researchers focused on developing system on chip solutions for a range of industries and applications.

    The cluster includes a variety of actors from large multinational companies to smaller specialists who benefit from a very experienced talent pool, and the foundation – Tampere University, a rich pool of knowledge and future talents for this growing centre of excellence.

    A template for newbie SMEs to build your own SoC

    Access to SoC technology, tools and associated costs can be a barrier of entry for many companies. Tampere University and a core group of SoC companies have come together to pool technology and know-how, to provide a template for SoCs.

    Companies with no prior experience can now quickly develop their own chip for prototyping, demos or feasibility study with very low cost. This common proven SoC template and process get enable SMEs one new SoC per year.

    SoC development Ecosystem

    SoC Hub creates an active community providing products and services to each other for mutual benefit. Facilitated by Tampere University and Business Tampere, we organise networking events, seminars, offer match-making services, and strive to initiate proof of concept projects between companies.

    Deep tech heritage, global collaboration

    We’re proud of our track record in education, and the rich SoC competence available in the region due to Nokia heritage. The SoC Hub is open for collaboration with national and international partners. The SoC Hub includes rising Finnish companies and has also attracted new R&D sites from companies from abroad.

    Specialized SoC’s are the solution to suistainable computing, for example decreasing cloud energy consumption and integration between the real and digitalized worlds. Let us work together to create new SoC solutions.

    SoC Hub Ecosystem for Finnish System on chip design and co-creation

    Talking points

    Why SoCs?

    SoCs have become a critical enabler in vehicles, machines, industry and IoT devices in order to implement edge computing and fast communications, but also in data centers to significantly reduce energy consumption especially in AI computing. We help companies to stay competitive and differentiate in industry where general-purpose computing is nearing the end. SoC Hub will respond to the ever-growing demand of high expertise in the domain of system-on-chip creation. It consists of several parts that will benefit from each other: expertise, knowledge, tools, assets, connections, people and business.

    Why Tampere?

    Tampere is the industrial capital of Finland. For more than a hundred years, Tampere has been a location where machines have been built for various applications. Today, the region is thriving through technology. The fields of mobile networks and game technology, for example, have created a new vivid startup scene in Tampere.

    SoC Hub partner companies

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    Contact us

    Interested in engaging with the Tampere SoC Hub Ecosystem?
    Contact Business Tampere advisors to learn more about the business community, the companies and academics involved and how to become a member.

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