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    Accelerating your healthcare business growth to its full potential

    Tampere Health Technology and Life Sciences Ecosystem

    A dynamic regional business ecosystem providing partnerships and business opportunities in the Tampere Region. Our mission is to enhance the health of individuals and communities worldwide. Contact us to join our ecosystem now!

    Services across all stages of your business lifecycle

    Looking for lab space or clinical trial support? Any bioinformatics specialists in the area? What is the availability of SW providers serving health industry?

    Our comprehensive service matrix shows at one sight the level of expertise and the availability of workforce, premises, technology and data in the Tampere Region.

    The map of the Tampere Region public health ecosystem gives you a complete overview of the various operators and actors and their linkages in the local health universe.

    VIDEO: Tampere Health Technology and Life Science ecosystem

    Tampere Healthtech and Life Science Ecosystem in figures

    Opportunities in the Tampere Health Technology and Life Science Ecosystem

    The Tampere region is known for expertise in certain specialised areas like tissue engineering, regenerative medicine, stem cell research, and vaccine research.

    In Tampere, the collaboration between research, business and clinic is strong and offers a fertile ground for any health care and medical related players to innovate and grow. You can collaborate with the most reliable partners providing strategic business opportunities across the medical industry and beyond.

    Our regional offering consists of innovations for

    Directory of the health technology and life sciences companies in the Tampere Region

    In the comprehensive directory you find healthtech and life sciences companies operating in the Tampere Region easily. The companies are categorised per sector or speciality area for your convenience and quick approach.

    Talking points

    Key stakeholders of the community

    Health testbeds in the Tampere region

    Health Tampere offers the state-of-the-art research infrastructure. Testbeds allow healthtech companies to develop services in an authentic hospital and educational environment.

    Tampere University Hospital

    Tampere University Hospital Tays is a visionary healthcare provider. In addition to excellent care, the focus is on research, development and innovation. As a university hospital it educates future healthcare professionals.

    Tampere University community and research centers

    Tampere university community’s priority areas are technology, health and society. The faculty of Medicine and Health Technology (MET), with staff of over 500 with over 70 research groups, brings together unique research expertise in medicine, biosciences, and engineering.


    Specialised and private hospitals in the Tampere Region

    Tampere Heart Hospital treats patients with heart problems and Coxa is the only hospital in Finland that specializes fully in joint replacement surgery. Both hospitals operate in close connection with the Tampere University Hospital. In addition, there are several private healthcare and well-being providers offering services in the region.

    Biobank and data services

    The Finnish Clinical Biobank Tampere (FCBT) focuses especially on cardiovascular diseases, cancer, autoimmune diseases and type 1 diabetes in alignment with the research strategy of both Tampere University and Tampere University Hospital. FCBT serves both academic research and R&D done in medical companies.

    Tampere is one of the top centers of excellence in imaging technologies

    Tampere is known as one of the key imaging hubs in the world due to the rich mobile technologies heritage, as well as university research in signal processing and imaging.

    Over the past decades the combination of medical and technological know-how has produced numerous health technology innovations, such as pioneering work in digital radiography.

    Machine learning and artificial intelligence offer ways to use existing solutions in more effective and innovative ways

    AI Hub Tampere, a new artificial intelligence research center hosted by the Tampere University, helps companies to utilise artificial intelligence (AI) and builds a new AI ecosystem in the Tampere Region. The regulatory support is available for medical device companies all the way to AIMD-level product development.

    Finland's most agile and fastest growing startup city

    Tampere offers an excellent setting for entrepreneurship and startups. The city actively invests in young entrepreneurs, and the strong local startup culture has created countless success stories in the video game and manufacturing industries as well as health tech, to name a few.

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