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    Tampere city region is a forerunner in intelligent transport

    ITS Factory - Mobility

    ITS Factory is an innovation, experimentation and development environment co-operated by the City of Tampere and companies from relevant sectors. ITS Factory community seeks solutions for mobility challenges through close co-operation of the public and private sectors.

    Towards a fluent, sustainable and safe transport environment

    Tampere is one of the leading cities in Europe where the public and private sector work seamlessly together towards a fluent, sustainable and safe transport environment for the city inhabitants.

    The Tampere city region facilitates testing of new solutions as the city seeks solutions that improve the functionality, predictability, safety and efficiency of the transport system.For the companies in the field on intelligent transport this provides business opportunities.

    What is ITS Factory

    ITS Factory community has been established to strengthen public and private partnerships. The community has been active since 2006, but the name ITS Factory has been in use since 2012.

    The ITS Factory community currently consists of over 40 members, companies, research organisations and other organisations. The common goal of the community is to produce business-oriented solutions to enable fluent, sustainable, and safe transport.

    Co-operation in the community helps the members in developing innovative solutions and finding partnerships and new business opportunities.

    Read more of how ITS Factory works

    VIDEO: Tampere smart mobility ecosystem and ITS Factory

    Watch the video to learn the top specialists views about the smart mobility ecosystem and the Tampere city region as a business location.

    Tampere Region as a business location

    The test bed a size of a city

    ITS Factory provides an innovation, testing, and development environment in the Tampere region.

    The compact size and number of inhabitants makes the Tampere city area an ideal environment for experimenting intelligent transportation. Flexible decision-making and functional co-operation between the public and private sectors allows agile testing of products and services.



    Open data - a real-time snapshot to transport

    When does the bus arrive at the bus stop? How do I avoid the scene of an accident?

    Open data enables end-user access to status and condition information of the transport network on the spot. For developers and companies it provides new business opportunities. Read more.

    Indoor positioning in the urban city environment

    The indoor positioning can support various services in the future, it may for example enable the automatic parking of vehicles or provide a seamless service route from a parking garage or railway station to the visitor’s seat in a concert hall.

    Digital indoor maps can be used to navigate easily within the urban environment in places with large streams of people, such as parking garages, shopping centers, sport venues, or railway stations. Tampere is seeking new business and innovative consumer products by combinining outdoor and indoor positioning.

    Gathering know-how on autonomous driving

    Autonomous mobility pilots are running in Tampere City Region. Autonomous minibuses have entered the cityscape to help solve the challenges of city transport. Also the test area for automatic driving, where autonomous vehicles can drive in real traffic, operates in Tampere. These development pilots aim to create real services and autonomous vehicle functions for the end-users. Read more about autonomous mobility.

    Boosting the electric transportation

    The number of electric vehicles is growing world wide, and Finland is one of the leading countries what comes to the number of electric buses. Furthermore, there’s vast expertise on development of payment and identification systems of the vehicle charging devices in Finland.

    To gather user experiences for future development, the first electric buses have been introduced in Tampere city region. Read more.

    Contact us

    Interested in engaging with the Mobility ecosystem and the ITS Factory community?
    Contact us to learn more about the business community, the companies and organisations involved and how to become a member.

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