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    Support for growth and getting you closer to funding

    The most successful companies have one thing in common: they understand the most recent technology and make use of it in conquering new market areas. In the future, only the ones demonstrating special agility and ability to innovate will prevail. Startup Tampere offers support for fast business growth and expanding to the international markets. Startup mentors and our experts will help your startup to find investors, partners, customers and sparring from within our wide-ranging network. Whether yours is a startup or a growth company, we know how to help you. Contact us!

    Join the network of Startup Tampere

    This is how Startup Tampere helps startups

    We help you find the right contacts in the world of financing

    In order to grow and prosper, a company must find the right market for its products or services. In addition, a skilled team and sufficient funding are required. Once the offering and team are clear, we will help to complete the set and guide towards the right financing options. There are many options for funding, varying from private companies to public financing programmes.

    Schedule a free funding clinic 

    Startup Tampere organizes a funding information for businesses as a service. You can book 1,5h long funding clinic focusing to map out current status of your business and suggest next paths to follow. Continuation paths are half-day training modules from following themes: 1) Planning the funding 2) Funding round 3) Funding documentation 5) Pitch training to perform better. You can book your meeting using this link.

    Startup Tampere prosessi ikoni ideointi
    • Self-funding
    • Bootstrapping
    Startup Tampere prosessi ikoni validointi
    • Friends and family
    • Grants
    • Self-funding
    • Bootstrapping
    Startup Tampere prosessi ikoni rakennus
    • Crowd funding
    • Business Angels
    • Venture Capital (early stage)
    Startup Tampere prosessi ikoni vakiintuminen
    • Banks
    • IPO investors


    • Funding types
    • Business Finland
    • Venture capitals
    • Other funding

    Training, sparring and mentoring

    Do you want to develop your business together with experts? We regularly organise diverse trainings and joint meetings for startups. By following Slack, you will be among the first to know about the available mentoring and training programmes.

    Nordic Startup School

    In the 10-week long ambitious startup programme, we will help you set up for growth and funding.


    We bring famous and experienced mentors to Tampere to attend various events. Follow Slack to hear about it before others.

    Monthly Startup Tampere Meetup

    In the monthly meetups, you will meet investors and get their practical tips. You will also meet other entrepreneurs and get peer support.


    Tampere’s industrial-themed startup accelerator will start in autumn 2019. Leading industrial companies of the Tampere region will participate and offer pilots and look for partnerships.

    Services for those considering setting up a business and new companies

    Tampere offers different services and support for those thinking about becoming an entrepreneur and those who have recently started a business. You can find more information about entrepreneurship and the practical services related to setting up a business on our pre-startup pages.


    The Tampere Region is known for its mindset for getting things done. Startup Tampere compiles the latest startup news and success stories.


    Do you want to develop your company’s business operations in cooperation with experts? Join us at Startup Tampere events!

    Contact us

    Puttonen Sami Business Tampere Business Tampere logo

    Sami Puttonen

    Project Manager, Startup Tampere +358 40 540 5717
    Siik Tapio Business Tampere Business Tampere logo

    Tapio Siik

    Senior Business Advisor, startups +358 40 568 1483
    Uitti Tommi Business Tampere Business Tampere logo

    Tommi Uitti

    Startup community manager, Startup Tampere +358 40 587 0592
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