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    Eight focal points have been selected to achieve the strategic objectives, giving sufficient precision to identify and select the measures that contribute to the strategy. The implementation of the focal points requires the cooperation of a number of business operators. The strategy will be put to practice in the operations of the business organisations in the city region as they implement these focal points, and it will guide the implementation of the strategic objectives. The operations of organisations are also influenced by their own strategies, operational policies and resources. Business organisations implement the strategy in accordance with their respective area of responsibility.

    Figure 12. Key focal points of activities, their current state and the importance of their development
    Figure 12. Key focal points of activities, their current state and the importance of their development

    Business Tampere’s external management team defined the focal points in June 2019 from the perspective of strategic objectives. At the same time, their current state was assessed from a competitiveness perspective along with their mutual importance (see Figure 12). In the next step, 17 focal points described in more detail were raised to the level of the vision through combination and elimination. The selected 8 focal points are the most important development priorities for achieving the vision and objectives.

    The focal points are critical to the achievement of the objectives and are linked to several objectives at the same time (see Figure 13). The focal points critical to achieving superior capacity for renewal are connected to the development of the capacity and desire for renewal, innovation abilities, future-relevant intellectual capital, university and business cooperation, world-class innovation ecosystems, networks to support renewal and a diverse business structure.

    Figure 13. Focal points and strategic objectives
    Figure 13. Focal points and strategic objectives

    Similarly, the focal points connected to sustainable growth relate to socially responsible business in all sectors, new innovations in clean technology and circular economy and public procurement that promotes their uptake, growth of sustainable business, land policy that supports climate-smart life and business as well as improvement of accessibility in ways that encourage more sustainable solutions in everyday life in the city region and promote the development of climate-smart business ecosystems.

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