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    Meet the Tampere Imaging Ecosystem members: Academics

    Tampere Imaging Ecosystem collaborates closely with the Tampere University. Learn more a bout the key academics in the ecosystem.

    Academic profiles: Karén Egiazarian

    For Professor Karén Egiazarian, Head of Signal Processing Research Community (SPRC) and Computational Imaging Group, Tampere is an international place where people from many different countries gather to study and work.

    Academic profiles: Moncef Gabbouj

    Professor Moncef Gabbouj and his team are developing machine learning, pattern recognition and signal processing algorithms at TUT – and expecting to have big effects in several application areas, notably in health and wellbeing.

    Academic profiles: Atanas Gotchev

    Atanas Gotchev planned to stay in Tampere no more than 6 months. Almost 20 years later he is a professor in Tampere University of Technology, and one of the key figures in Tampere Imaging Ecosystem.

    Academic profiles: Heikki Huttunen

    Associate Professor Heikki Huttunen focuses on applied AI. Teaching is his calling, and he is proud to see his students become professionals who are sought after by companies. TUT students tend to find good jobs.

    Academic profiles: Joni Kämäräinen

    Joni Kämäräinen is an Associate Professor at the Computing Sciences unit of Tampere University. He and his team are making everyday life easier for all of us and industrial processes more efficient.

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